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Welcome to St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

The beauty of being Catholic is that we are members of the Body of Christ.  We belong to Christ who has given his life and now continues his presence in and through the Holy Spirit.  Our membership card is our baptism into the Church. 

No matter where we find Church it is the divine  presence that is our connection.  This is easily made visible when one looks to discover Christ in the tabernacle as there is a vigil light nearby.  Christ is truly present and receptive to everyone who takes the time to notice.

Nevertheless, it is also the people who form our local community that express this presence.  The person of Christ is in the body that forms Christ.  So, you too, are an integral member of this presence.  Feel at home and never doubt that it is the action of the Holy Spirit that has made us brothers and sisters in Christ.

Fr. Ron Weissbeck, Pastor