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Jesse Tree Program

From John Williams, our Outreach Coordinator:

Within the week we will be adorning the south foyer with our Jesse Tree, a festive indication that our Annual Jesse Tree scrolls will be available to those who wish to help with Christmas presents for members of our Food Bank families.  In past years we requested presents only for the children of our food bank clients, but we also had scrolls available for senior citizens.  Traditionally, we adopted one of the local schools largely made up of families with low incomes.  Last year we adopted the schools in Lyons that had been ravished by the floods in an effort to put some normalcy back into their lives with a thoughtful gift.  There were tears and cheers abounding on that day last December when we went to the schools and handed out gifts.
This year we decided to focus on another sector of our clients which includes the adults in the families as well as the children.  When a family is facing difficulties, every member feels the burden.  Though our hearts go out to the children at this time of year, why not put a little joy into the life of a mom or dad who may be struggling to keep a family together?  Many of our clients’ incomes depend on seasonal jobs that aren’t available during the cold weather months.  The jobs they are able to find very infrequently include insurance, a warm and cozy work space, or pay for time missed.  Nor do they have a guarantee as to how long even a temporary job may last.  It is our hope that an unexpected gift may revive a sagging spirit or lend reassurance that ours is a community that cares. 
We will have scrolls for all the children, senior citizens, and those with physical and mental disabilities as we do every year.  We will not be adopting a school this year in lieu of adding those other family members to our scroll program.  
Thank you for your thoughtful consideration for our Jesse Tree program.