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According to Fr. Francis, his village and sub-parishes have experienced drought conditions during the past several weeks and everything was extremely dry and dusty.  This certainly makes water a high commodity both for human consumption and for the gardens.  Since most of the villagers grow their own gardens for personal use, this condition will weaken the crops substantially and leave the villagers scrambling for food.  Relief from the drought finally arrived last weekend; however, it was in the form of a high wind rainstorm.  Weak crops flooded and washed away and many homes were destroyed by the high winds. In a country that sits on the northeast side of Lake Victoria in central Africa, droughts followed by flooding are not a rare occurrence.
Meanwhile, in the village of Wambale where Fr. Francis grew up as a young man, construction on the staff housing is complete and occupied by four teachers at the school in this village north of Kampala.  This staff housing unit was built for several reasons.  The first was to compensate the teachers with a place to live close to their work.  Secondly, it created a staff presence available at all times for tutoring and special studies classes.  And finally, staff living right there on campus heightened their security dimensions.
In nearby Gayaza, about 7 miles from Wambale, the John XXIII Clinic has received their ultra-sound machine and the technicians at the hospital are beginning to use it for some diagnostics and are learning how to utilize more functions every day. Meanwhile back in the Nakauka village, at the sub-parish of Nasaggu, work has begun to make improvements to the church.  Already the concrete floors, altar steps, landing, and the altar itself have been poured.  They are now getting ready to start plastering the wall and installing windows and doors.  The exterior architecture of this church is very interesting and uniquely charming.
Please keep Fr. Francis in your prayers.  He is continually gaining new souls for the Church in spite of the growing numbers of Muslims and Pentecostals in the area.  
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