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Donate to the purchase of our Food Bank property

Donate to the purchase of our Food Bank property
Purchasing Our Food Bank - Your Gift...Big Impact

Our St. John’s Food Bank was established in 2002 so that we could feed the poorest of the poor in our community without turning anyone away. It all began in a space the size of a closet and because of your support and generosity, our good works of feeding the hungry were able to expand to several larger locations as time went on.

We now have a great opportunity to make the location at 804 South Lincoln the permanent home of our St. John’s Food Bank. Not too long ago, our St. John’s Finance Council collectively agreed that our food bank has a very significant impact on our community and that this vibrant and essential ministry should remain in operation. With support from our finance council and direction from the Archdiocese of Denver Real Estate Department, it is the consensus that the purchase of our current facility is by far the most practical and financially sound decision we can make.

The cost of purchasing this building is $485,000. St. John’s Parish will contribute one hundred thousand dollars from church savings. For the remaining amount, we ask that you prayerfully consider a contribution to this most worthy purchase. To initiate this purchase approved by Archbishop Aquilla, St. John’s will borrow $250,000 from a Fund Trust through the Archdiocese of Denver. This loan will be substantially lessened if this community does what it has always generously done when called upon to give. Your gift, no matter the size, will have a big impact. Our Food Bank endeavor has always required diligence with our clients so that we remain wise and prudent stewards of the resources of our parish.

Should you decide to donate, please use the memo line of your check to designate your funds for the Food Bank Building Purchase. Thank you!