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School Endowment

Our School Endowment Fund

Education is a fundamental ingredient in the overall success of our children.  In these times of economic challenges, the need for tuition assistance is even  greater than before.  Many deserving students at St. John’s  depend upon financial help to continue receiving a Catholic education.  Nowhere else will our children find the academic excellence, faith experiences, safe environment, and welcoming atmosphere that St. John the Baptist Catholic School provides.

St. John the Baptist Catholic School Endowment Fund was established over 20 years ago to provide tuition assistance to qualified students and their families who are unable to meet the financial burden of sending their children to our school.  An initial goal of $1,000,000 was set at that time.  Slowly over the years our fund has been growing.  To date, over $450,000 has been donated by generous individuals.

Our Endowment Fund must grow to $1,000,000.  At that time, any income in excess of inflation from the fund is to be restricted in use so that it can only be used to provide tuition assistance to selected St. John the Baptist School students.  St. John the Baptist Catholic School Endowment Fund will provide for our school’s long-term financial stability.  We must ensure every child who wishes to attend St. John’s will be able to do so.  For more information about our Endowment Fund, please contact Eileen Cavanaugh at 303-776-0190.