St. John The Baptist Church

Code of Conduct

At St. John the Baptist’s (CREED) program we promote a Christian environment which we focus on respect. Our volunteer team of catechists are dedicated to bringing our Catholic faith to your child and an environment of mutual respect is the best way to achieve that.
We have modeled our (CREED) Code of Conduct after that of our school here at St. John the Baptist which is as follows:
We encourage self-discipline and strive to create an atmosphere conducive to learning. At all times, discipline is to be conducted according to gospel values and with the dignity of the student and the general welfare of the parish community in mind.
As a general rule, the catechist should manage disciplinary problems of the students according to the outlined standards, enlist the help of the (CREED) Coordinator in cases involving serious or repeated misbehavior and if necessary involve Fr. Humberto.
All reasonable consideration will be given to resolve an ongoing situation but certain or repetitive behaviors may result in the expulsion of a student who will be invited back the following year since we understand that maturity plays an important role in children's behavior.  
 RESPECT AND CONSIDERATION OF OTHERS are the most important aspects of student conduct at St. John's. As such, our students have the following rights:
  • Students have the right to be treated with Christian respect and caring consideration by the administrators, catechists, assistants, staff and fellow students.
  • Students have the right to study without disturbance.
  • Students have the right to a safe, healthy, and caring educational environment. 
It is the responsibility of every student of the (CREED) program to respect the rights of all whom are involved with the educational process and to refrain from behaviors which may interfere with the education of other students. Each student should observe a personal code of conduct whenever the student is on campus. 
The word discipline has its root in the word “disciple”-one whose behavior reflects the leader. As we are all disciples of our Lord, Jesus Christ, we strive to better His reflection to all we meet. Realizing that we are all prone to weakness, we need guidelines so as to grow in that reflection. We encourage respect for others, respect for property, and respect for self.
Our “card” system is a way for students to take responsibility for their words and actions.
  • This is an identification card for each child from 3rd – 12th grades.
  • At the reasonable discretion of our Catechists, they will follow the guidelines provided here and could potentially need to administer a certain number of “marks” to a student's card depending on the infraction of the student.   
  • Any student who accumulates three "marks" on their card in one quarter will receive a call home to parents from the (CREED) Coordinator in attempt to uncover the root of the ongoing behavioral issues and certain actions maybe requested to maintain the student’s active enrollment i.e. a select amount of service hours or an introspective paper written by the student.
  • Students failing to complete required disciplinary actions will be asked to leave the program.
  • Any student accumulating five "marks" on their card in one quarter will be suspended from the program for the rest of the year.
One “mark” will be given for the following behavior that shows lack of:
  • PROPER RESPECT FOR PROPERTY – desks, lockers, books, dining room, playground, bathrooms, parish grounds or school property.
  • PROPER RESPECT FOR OTHERS – unacceptable language, name-calling, fighting, church misconduct, exhibiting poor attitude, disregard for program or school rules or rowdy behavior during class etc.
  • PROPER RESPECT FOR SELF – not being responsible, unexcused tardiness for class or unexcused missing of class.
  • VIOLATION OF DRESS CODE - which is as follows:
  1. Undergarments should not be visible at any time. No catechist or student should be made to feel uncomfortable in their classroom setting.
  2. They are present to learn about their Catholic faith. Please exercise appropriate Christian modesty when dressing for class. 
  • PROPER PREPARATION - not having proper supplies, not returning required items such as forms, homework or assignments. 
  • GENERAL RULES WHILE ON CAMPUS-All electronic devices should be put away during class at all times and no food or drink are allowed in the classrooms. Unless previously organized by the teacher.