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Merriam-Webster explains ministry as:  A person or thing through which something is accomplished.


Lay Ministry has often been used as a general term to designate lay activity in the Church. Although laypeople have been closely linked to the Church’s mission and service from earliest times their ministerial role was renewed by Vatican II.  These ministries include volunteer positions such as extraordinary minister, lector, catechist, acolyte, cantor and numerous others that laity partake in to participate fully in the daily life of the Church. Lay Ministry also includes those who have a more professional role in the Church, such as Director of Liturgy, RCIA coordinator and Director of Hispanic Ministries. 


US Conference of Catholic Bishops says:  The same God who called Prisca and Aquila to work with Paul in the first century calls thousands of men and women to minister in our Church in this twenty-first century.  This is cause for rejoicing.  


We'd like to invite you to take some time to review our various ministries we have available to every parishioner regardless of age or station in life, there is something for everyone.